Make Precision Medicine ready to access for everyone

Provide decision support to different eHealth professionals based on holistic views of molecular, clinical and phenotypical data.

Kazaam eHealth Platform

SaaS platform for Big Data Analytics that provides decision support services in the context of Precision Medicine. It aims to fill the current gap between the amount of biomedical data currently available and the value that can be extracted from them. Data span from molecular interactions, to genotype-phenotype, clinical and behavioral data.

How it works

Data Integration

Integrate omics data from heterogeneous sources

We consider different types of data which are daily produced in laboratories distribuited all over the world.
Data Modeling

Build complex networks

We focus on the relationships between data, and highlight them throught suitable network models.
Data Analysis

Retrieve novel knowledge

We apply clustering and other machine learning techniques to analyze complex networks. As the results, the extracted novel information provides usefull suggestions to the final users.
Kazaam eHealth Med

Customized services for clinical Institutes

Software services for physicians working in clinical institutes, gathering information and making decisions about best treatment and preventive measures for a given patient.
Kazaam eHealth Pharma

Customized services for pharmaceutical companies

Provide insights into patient-specific mechanisms that cause or contribute to disease, which enables the “precise” targeting of these mechanisms.
Kazaam eHealth Lab

Customized services for clinical laboratories

Provide medical laboratory tests that enable physicians to successfully practice Precision Medicine.

Let’s create a new medicine future, together

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