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Kazaam is:

Apr 2020
EIT Health RIS Innovation project (75K)
Feb 2020
Selected for BIOUPPER (17 out of 117)
Nov 2019
Finalists (ICT) at the National Prize for Innovation (12 out of 67)
Oct 2019
Selected at STARTCUP Sicilia
Oct 2019
Winners of STARTCUP Palermo (II Prize)

Turn data
relationships into meaningfull

Enable holistic views of cells and individuals by combining powerful models, efficient algorithms and innovative technologies
Kazaam is supported by research and data-centric partners

Kazaam Leadership

Simona E. Rombo
Associate Professor in Computer Science
Salvatore Morfea
Software Architect
Simona Panni
Assistant Professor in Molecular Biology
Mariella Bonomo
PhD Student in ICT

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