Fill the gap between Data and Precision Medicine

Decision support in healthcare

We design and develop digital solutions for professionals in healthcare. Our products provide support to them, in making difficult decisions. Such us, the most suitable therapy for individuals affected by serious diseases.
Kazaam is supported by research and data-centric partners

Data integration and knowledge extraction

Our expertise is focused on the design and develop of complex algorithms for the analysis of large amounts of "omics" data. Our main models are complex networks, which provide holistic views of molecular, clinical and phenotypical data,
Complex Networks Analysis
We apply clustering and other machine learning techniques to retrive novel information from the integrated networks.
Decision Support
Thanks to data integration and analysis, we provide useful knowledge to professionals in healthcare, simplifying their decision making.

Software services on the cloud

We have large expertise on Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technologies.
Big Data Analytics
Provide decision support to different eHealth professionals based on holistic views of molecular, clinical and phenotypical data.
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is intended to support the decision-making process of doctors, giving them more time for human interactions, a fundamental part in the medical field.
Real Time Analytics
Time is our most precious asset. Real-time analysis provides the best information to make useful decisions in the shortest possible time. A quick response is an added value and makes the difference.
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